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About TabletHookz

It all started when...


As airline passengers travelling with young children, we found the need for a device to mount the kids’ tablets hands-free - securely. This meant they could watch their favourite programmes, without the tray down providing more space around them. Hands-free meant they could watch their entertainment whilst holding their favourite teddy or comforter and perhaps even fall asleep.

As time went by we changed our designs so TabletHookz® can be used by anyone, with any device, at home, work or travelling.

Over two years later, with patents granted and international designs registered, we completed a successful crowdfunding campaign to bring our product to market.

Our product is now available to purchase from our store.


A Multi functional design


TabletHookz are a universal mounting for all occasions, providing the ability to also be used as a traditional tablet or smartphone stand anywhere, at home, on a plane and even in your car.




TabletHookz feature a securing feature to ensure your device is held safely, ideal for that unexpected turbulence, or your fellow passengers moving their seat. An additional securing feature allows the mounting bracket to be secured to a surface when used as a conventional stand too.




TabletHookz provide variable viewing angles, adjustable for users of all heights and to cater for the seat in front being at different angles, for example an airline or car seat being reclined.


On the Road


TabletHookz come with a car adapter kit so they may be mounted to the headrest of your car in addition to airline seats and around the home.




TabletHookz are universal, fitting a wide range of airline seats and tablets, smartphone and e-reading devices both in and out of their protective cases. TabletHookz can also hold the latest portable gaming console the Nintendo Switch.