Features of TabletHookz ®

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The following is a list of Features of TabletHookz

Hands-free viewing - tablet and smartphone mounting for use with the tray up or as a traditional stand.

Secure - securing feature to ensure your device is held safely (for example during turbulence or other passengers moving their seat) or when used as a conventional stand. An additional securing feature allows the mounting bracket to be secured to a surface when used as a conventional stand.

Adjustable - variable viewing angles adjustable for users of all heights and/or the seat in front reclining.

Multifunctional design - a mounting for all occasions - the ability to use as a traditional tablet or smartphone stand in other environments.

Universal – fits a wide range of airline seats and a wide range of tablet, smartphone and e-reading devices.

Convenient - no requirement to remove devices from their protective cases.

Enhanced Comfort - enhanced user comfort with a more natural viewing angle when mounted (reducing neck and shoulder tension compared to holding a device).

Space Saving - increased comfort by creating more available space.

Safer from liquids - reduced chance of damage to devices from liquid spillages.

Personal - a mounting that doesn't interfere with the personal space of the passenger in front.

Strong – strong and robust with no fragile moving parts.

Small - lightweight and fits easily into your pocket or handbag / carry-on baggage.

Simple – easy to use