Find a face mask in the UK, same day dispatch, UK Stock, Twin Pack – - Seatback Holder - Mount your iPad, iPhone or any other device to the back of the seat on the plane, train and car

We now stock Face Masks too - Free worldwide delivery on all orders

find a face mask uk - kn95 n95 ppf2 covid-19 coronavirus face maske in stock uk, fast delivery, same day shipping, trusted supplier, good review
find a face mask uk - kn95 n95 ppf2 covid-19 coronavirus face maske in stock uk, fast delivery, same day shipping, trusted supplier, good review

Twin Pack face mask

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Twin Pack Face masks in UK stock available for immediate delivery.

We are currently able to provide a pack containing 2 x KN95 / FFP2 / N95 face mask respirators with valve.

We are based in the UK and have the following masks in stock available for immediate dispatch to worldwide destinations. Free shipping on U.K. orders.


KN95 / FFP2/ N95 Respirator Face mask (with valve)


What is a KN95 Mask ?

There is a global shortage of face masks due to the current pandemic. You may have heard about KN95,  N95, masks, PPF2, PPF3, KF94 but what do they all mean ?

The number on a rated mask signifies the filtration effectiveness of the filter. For example, a KN95 mask is required to stop AT LEAST 95% of particles of 0.3 microns in size.

  •  N95 is the American standard
  •  KN95 is the Chinese standard
  •  KF94 is the Korean standard
  •  FFP2 is the EU standard, this includes the UK.

For customers from the USA, due to high demand of N95 mask the FDA authorised the use/import of KN95 masks at the beginning of April 2020.

Why wear a mask ?

There are numerous reasons why you may want a mask, for example;

  • you may be caring for someone with an infection
  • you may be worried about going to the shops for essentials
  • you may live in an area where it is mandatory for going out
  • you believe there is a chance it may become mandatory or will be a requirement going forward as it is in other areas.
  • You will be travelling on transport where masks are required

Why would I buy a mask from ?

Governments are struggling to source stock and have asked for manufacturers and distributors to help, We are using our overseas business associates to help with this and source Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from our network of overseas manufacturers. We have registered with the UK government scheme as suppliers to help with the current need.

Our main business is TabletHookz, they are a product aimed at travellers worldwide, especially on trains, planes and other vehicles to provide hands-free entertainment at eye level reducing neck and wrist ache and creating more space around you when travelling. But with travel currently limited we are able to redirect resources to help in this area.


Please read the following links about the correct usage and handling of face masks


World Health Organisation (WHO) advice on masks

Different mask types and standards

All about masks

Re-using and cleaning masks

  • This item contains 2 x KN95 Protective mask respirators with exhaust valve packed in a factory sealed bag.
  • For hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns on this item.

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