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We now stock Face Masks too -- TabletHookz ® 20% sale Today only - use code MAY20

Business as usual during Coronavirus / COVID-19

We have put steps in place to ensure we continue to offer our excellent customer services and rapid dispatch of orders when received. (same day if prior to 3pm GMT).

We  have responded to the governments request for assistance in sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) , we have registered as a supplier to the government. We are now able to provide Face Mask respirators both with or without valves at a reasonable price in addition to our Tablethookz product.

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  • Travel Bundle - TabletHookz v2.0 and face masks
    Travel Bundle - TabletHookz v2.0 and face masks
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  • KN95 FFP2 N95 Respirator Face Mask with Valve - 2x Pack
    KN95 FFP2 N95 Respirator Face Mask with Valve - 2x Pack
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  • tabletHookz Set
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TabletHookz are not just for Tablets

TabletHookz can hold your tablet, Nintendo Switch, phone, e-reader and much more. Securely mounted at eye level provides comfortable viewing when on the move.You can use them on the plane, train, car and around the home and office.

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TabletHookz on the plane.

TabletHookz in the car

TabletHookz in the car

TabletHookz on the train

TabletHookz as a stand


Create your own seat-back, hands-free, entertainment with TabletHookz ®

TabletHookz are a secure mounting that allow you to mount your tablet, phone and even a Nintendo Switch games console to the back of a seat. Uses include on airlines, trains and in the car. This means you can create your own hands-free seatback entertainment on the go. TabletHookz can also be used as a secure traditional device stand.

TabletHookz showcase on Channel 4 Buy It Now showTabletHookz on TV

TabletHookz v2 is launched

We listened to your feedback and have developed version 2.0 of our product. Version 2.0 now fits even more airline seats, the car adapters are easier to attach and we have made the instructions clearer.

In 2019 TabletHookz delivered to

Tablethookz secure video conference stand for phone and ipad at tablethookz.com

TabletHookz as a secure video call stand.

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