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TabletHookz Featured in the new TV show "Buy It Now' shown on the Channel 4 Network on the 26th April 2018. You can see the show on this link.

Designed to allow Passengers to enjoy their own seat back entertainment, TabletHookz can be used as an iPad Holder in the car, or as an Ipad Holder on the airplane and even as an iPad stand around the home and office. Of course TabletHookz are not just limited to iPad's and can be used to hold any tablet or phone. 

Create your own personal eye level, hands-free seat back entertainment, great for any journey for you or the kids.


Use TabletHookz to provide hands-free entertainment on your flight Use TabletHookz to provide entertainment in the car on those long journeys TabletHookz can be used as a secure traditional stand - great for those long train journeys or the daily commute
TabletHookz on the flight TabletHookz in the car TabletHookz on the train


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