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Universal TabletHookz v2.0 tablet and cell phone mount for travel. Mount your device at eye level hands free on the plane in the car. compatible with ipad and iphone mediapad and all other devices
tabletHookz Set v2.0
TabletHookz v2.0 tablet and cell phone mount for travel. Mount your device at eye level hands free on the plane in the car. compatible with ipad and iphone and all other devices
tablethookz v2.0 ipad holder on the train tablethookz.com
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tabletHookz Set v2.0
tabletHookz Set v2.0
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tabletHookz Set v2.0
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tabletHookz Set v2.0

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TabletHookz ®  Version 2.0 - Watch your iPad or other devices hands-free, seatback mounted on the plane, in the car, on the train.

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TabletHookz v2.0

  • Holds your device in both landscape and portrait mode

  • The viewer angle ridges make them ideal for viewers of all ages and heights.

  • When used in desktop mode the suction feet on TabletHookz will hold your device in the position you set for your video call (or watching entertainment or doing school work).

  • The securing clips keep your device safely in place during turbulence 

Introducing TabletHookz version 2.0

  • Wider hook section to fit more airlines with newer wider seatback trays
  • Fits largest tablet available on the market (bigger than iPad Pro 12.9")
  • Easier car adapter connection
  • New clearer instructions.

This item includes

  • 1 x TabletHookz v2.0 Set
  • 1 x Soft Microfibre carry pouch
  • 1 x Car Adapter Kit
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Box.
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    *Tablet and headphones not included.



    TabletHookz Product details

    TabletHookz Universal travel holder for iPad, tablets and phones

    TabletHookz is a secure mounting system that allows you to mount your tablet, phone and even a hand-held games console to the back of a seat. Perfect for entertainment on the go. Great for kids and grown-ups whether on planes, trains or in the car. TabletHookz let you create your own personal hands- free seatback entertainment at eye level TabletHookz can also be used as a secure traditional stand on tables, desks or kitchen worktops at home or in the office.

    Hands-free viewing mount for any size iPads, tablets, phones, games consoles and more

    Hands-free viewing mount / holder for tablets, phones and even the latest games console - The Nintendo Switch. TabletHookz can hold your screen, regardless of its size - whether it’s a large tablet, an e-reader or a smartphone. With adjustable viewing angles and mounting your screen at eye-level you can reduce neck, shoulder and wrist tension, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying a movie, catching up on a tv show or just checking your messages. Keep the kids occupied with their favourite content on their own screens. TabletHookz can even hold tablets without having to remove their protective casings.

    Fits in the car, on planes, trains, and can be used as a traditional stand

    Fits in the car, on planes, trains, and can be used as a traditional stand. When travelling, whether it be on a cramped aeroplane, the back seat of a car, or on a busy train, space is a rare commodity. TabletHookz allows you to utilise the back of any seat in front of you. Even plane seats with the tray in the upright position, or if the person sitting there has reclined their seat, you can still have a secure, easy mount to enjoy your tablet. And, if you don’t have a seat back to fix to? TabletHookz can be used free-standing on a table or desk, and even has suction cups to stop it sliding or tipping over.

    Safe and Secure, strong and convenient

    Secure, strong and convenient With adjustable securing clips, strong ridges for various viewing angles, tray-mounting hooks and suction cups for surface-mounting, your tablet or phone will always be safe and secure with TabletHookz. Tested under every kind of movement from wobbly tables to high-altitude turbulence, you can rely on TabletHookz to keep your screen where you want it. But all this security doesn’t come at the cost of size or convenience because TabletHookz packs away small and light enough to fit into a pocket or hand luggage when not in use.