Collection: TabletHookz - The best travel gadget for airline comfort - Enjoy more legroom, can be used in the car and keeps your device secure

There is no product available on the market that offers the functionality of TabletHookz, they can be used on the plane, in your car, on the train and at home to hold your Ipad (or other tablet or phone). Simply mount your iPad at eye level to the back of the airline or car seat to create your own seat-back entertainment.

With your tray locked in the upright position you have much more space around you,reducing that feeling of being trapped in your airline seat. TabletHookz also provide a more comfortable viewing experience as viewer no longer has to hold the device, thus reducing the tension on the neck from looking down or on the wrists from holding the device. Perfect for journeys of any duration and great for helping keep the kids entertained.

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