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Intellectual Property (IP) - TabletHookz

Intellectual Property (IP)

This page details all intellectual Property pertaining to TabletHookz®. This page will be updated on a regular basis.

Patents: Granted & Pending
Registered Designs: Granted & Pending
Trademarks: Granted & Pending


TabletHookz is a Registered Trademark in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA & pending in other countries.

Registered Designs

TabletHookz product are covered by registered Designs in the United Kingdom, Europe & Norway with further International registered designs pending grant.
Hague International Design DM/092186
Designs registered in the United Kingdom : 6000969 ,6000968 6000967,6000966, 6000965S ,6000964,6000963, 4041461
European Design: 003855964-0001


TabletHookz product are covered by the following Granted Patents and are also Patent pending in other countries.
TabletHookz products are covered by granted Patents:   GB2535259  
Further International Patents Pending